Austin Lanari

About me

I have been a software engineer for a couple of years. Before that I was teaching and getting my M.A. in Philosophy. My fallback job is being a guy who plays trumpet at Japanese baseball games.

Work these days mostly has me in web server land designing API’s and the job infrastructure to gather data and maintain its integrity. In the past I’ve worked on cross-platform mobile applications from scratch. While I miss working in React Native, I don’t miss Xcode being the boss of me.

I’m a big fan of Linux and a FOSS advocate. I’m writing this on my Debian machine; I play video games on a Manjaro (Arch) machine; and I run a couple personal services on Alpine, which is an absolute pleasure to run a server on. I generally make OSS contributions when I run up against issues (both at work and at home). For instance, this blog is built with Gatsby JS and I’ve made a few small contributions.

When I’m not in front of a screen, I love to cook, to discover innovative food, to explore the endless culture of Los Angeles, to write about comics, to play shogi (please someone in LA play with me I have a board), and to trek through national and state parks.